About Us



MDRN MOOD was born out of necessity to fill a gap in the hemp market that was significantly lacking low dose THC options. We understand that there are many adults who like the idea of "Getting High" but don't want the headache and uncertainty that comes along with it. Our goal is to replace your glass of wine at night after a long day at the office. Or to cater to the person who wants a healthier alternative for a good night's sleep. The "Buzz" market has always been filled with high dose options for experienced users, so we set out to create a product that caters to anyone and everyone. Sometimes we just need a little added boost for "Social" time with friends. Other times we are looking for a slightly more "Lifted" effect. For our experienced users we understand that they are used to high dose products and want to "Elevate". We have created a lineup that doesn't discriminate and we welcome all with open arms. MDRN MOOD is on a mission to redefine THC products and we have carefully crafted a product that is safe, effective, and dosed with purpose. Our flagship gummies are the perfect product to finally allow adults users who want the added benefits of CBD/THC to feel comfortable either experimenting for the first time, or to get back into cannabinoids after all these years. For decades alcohol has been the social "Buzz" master for adults. It is our goal to introduce products that have similar effects but are not detrimental to your health. Low dose CBD/THC products are a healthier alternative to drinking alcohol and come with tons of added benefits. MDRN MOOD is the future of "Buzz" products and the future is bright!